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Flu shots 2 yrs + Available

 Please contact area pharmacies for COVID vaccines at this time.

Last Updated: 1-31-2023


In order to continue to serve your medical needs during the declared CO-VID health emergency, we have implemented additional measures in addition to our standard Universal Precautions, including:

TELEMEDICINE: We are offering tele-visits with audio, video &/or texting capabilities, to address medical issues for those who may not be able to physically come to our office, whenever this service is deemed appropriate by a provider. Patient Portal Account must be activated (email required) to be able to conduct a tele-visit.


Access Patient Portal to view Upcoming Appointments &/or Join Tele-visit via PC

PHYSICAL VISITS: Due to concerns regarding coronavirus: we ask all patients to wear a cloth mask or facial covering to their appointments. Patients should check in as usual with our receptionist, confirm cell number on file and then wait in their cars. Our nurse will call you when they are ready to room you. If a cell phone is not available, please provide our receptionist with information that will help identify your car so the nurse may look for you when ready to room you.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday-Friday 8:00 am- 5:00 pm

Family Tree Health Clinic P.A. has provided quality medical care for patients ages two and up, since 2004. Our providers regularly evaluate and manage the patient's total health care needs and, when necessary, we refer the patient to the appropriate specialist. We are affiliated with Clear Lake Regional Medical Center and Houston Methodist St. Johns Hospital.

Dr Zamora

Alvaro Zamora, MD

Krislyn Boswell, FNP-C

Krislyn Boswell, FNP-C

Mission Statement

Our health care professionals work as a team to offer you and your family preventative care and medical options to help you select the best, individualized solutions for any sudden, acute, or chronic health conditions.