Family Tree Health Clinic is now becoming CLS Health Primary Care

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Management of Acute & Chronic Illnesses

High Blood Pressure • High Cholesterol • Asthma • Diabetes • Thyroid Problems • Arthritis • Anemia • Sleep Apnea • Bowel & Intestinal Problems • Rash & Skin Problems • Chest & Abdominal Pain • Headaches • Urinary Tract Infections • Upper Respiratory Infections

General Systems Development in Westport, Connecticut, offers a learning management system inspired by the General Systems Theory. This theory is especially useful for institutions looking for ways to enhance their management and organization.
Early Issues
Several companies and organizations proposed solutions for management and structural problems, but their suggestions were ineffective due to one thing: "all the pieces don't fit together." Studies showed that homogeneous classes usually cause social stratification and increased parent and political pressure instead of narrowing the gap between top-performing students and those relegated to the "bottom group."

Children's Health

The great thing about your family doctors is that they even take care of your little ones. We offer toddler care for children two years old and up, including immunizations to prevent communicable disease. Adolescent medicine for children that are maybe too old for a pediatrician, but not yet old enough for an internist is also available. To ensure your child is ready for individual or group activities, bring him or her to us for school, sport, and camp physicals.

Women's Health

Well-Women Exams, Including Pap Smears • Mammogram Referrals • Management of Osteoporosis

Minor Procedures

Save time and expense on minor procedures with medical services from Family Tree Health Clinic P.A. Our providers perform removal of skin lesions, including skin tags, warts, moles, and cysts.

Other Services

Electrocardiogram (EKG) • Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) for Asthma & Emphysema • Ankle Brachial Indexing (ABI) for Peripheral Arterial Disease • Adolescent & Adult Immunizations • TB Tests • Smoking Cessation• Lab Services with Providers Visit or Referred to Lab Company Designated by Your Insurance