Family Tree Health Clinic is now becoming CLS Health Primary Care

2911 South Shore Blvd., Suite 190, League City, TX 77573

Phone: 281-538-8188 | Fax: 281-538-8189

Frequently Asked Questions


First time patients are asked to arrive 10 minutes early to allow adequate time for completing the initial paperwork. Patients must present a picture ID and copy of their insurance card, if applicable. We may need to reschedule your appointment in the absence of a picture ID.   

Prior medical records:  It is recommended for patients to bring a copy of their most recent test results and current medication list. Should there be a need to further examine your previous records, our providers will request you to sign a Request for Medical Records Release Form so we may request a more extensive set of records from your previous provider(s).

Patient Information Update: Patients will be asked to update their demographics, HIPAA & emergency contact information at least once a year. Please feel free to notify our office of any changes that take place throughout the year as it is imperative that we have the most current information on file.


Please request refills through your pharmacy. Your pharmacy will contact us electronically if refills are required. We will send additional refills provided you are up to date on required exams and any other tests. We do recommend routine follow-up visits at least every 6 MONTHS. You may be required to follow up sooner if you have an uncontrolled medical condition. Refills will therefore be provided in general for up to 6 MONTHS with the exception of CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES, which are refilled on a monthly basis. Providers may require monthly or quarterly (every 3 months) visits for refills of controlled medications. Please be aware that refills may take 3-5 DAYS to process and that refills may be denied as per our recommended follow up schedule. Thus, please plan accordingly.

While we make every effort to verify that the pharmacy has received your new prescriptions and/or refill approvals, it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to verify that these are received and are been timely processed by your pharmacy. Please call the office ASAP if it appears that your pharmacy has not received our prescription or refill approval within a reasonable timeframe.