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First Aid

Telemedicine is the diagnosis and treatment of patients, via a secure, audiovisual internet connection that complies with all applicable laws and standards concerning confidentiality of protected health information and accepted standards of care. Tele-visits must include both a video as well as an audio component.

During your tele-visit, provider may need to verify your identity. Please be prepared to present a valid picture ID. Please be aware that while your tele-visit video won’t be recorded or saved, your provider must and will document the visit in your medical record the same way they would if your visit were in person.  Even though a video will not be recorded, still images may be recorded, with documented patient’s verbal consent, if deemed appropriate for medical documentation.


Visits are conducted from the comfort of your home or private office, eliminating the need to commute to the provider’s office. During a tele-visit, providers have all your medical records available for review and may prescribe medication electronically to your preferred pharmacy and/or order additional studies: labs or imaging, if deemed necessary.

Limitations & Exceptions


Due to inability to perform a comprehensive physical examination during a tele-visit, the use of tele-medicine will be limited, at provider’s discretion, but also based on provider’s availability. 

At this time, service is only being provided to established, adult patients.


Prescribing of controlled substances via telemedicine is prohibited by law.

This exception has been temporarily lifted during declared coronavirus emergency.